Resume for
Larry E. Jordan, P.E.
Jordan Engineering, Inc.


Mr. Larry E. Jordan has over 30 years of engineering, project management, software development and marketing experience. He has served as an elected officer and board member for four prominent organizations and held influential executive positions in Halliburton and IBM Corporation. Mr. Jordan has written articles and books published worldwide, including a communications and networking book that sold over 150,000 copies and was used as a college and university text book from 1983-1993. He is currently president and the Professional Engineer for Jordan Engineering, Inc. -- a successful structural engineering company located in north-central Florida.


Florida Engineering Society, Structural Engineering Courses, 2005 - Present
American Society of Civil Engineers, Structural Engineering Courses, 2005 - Present
The George Washington University, MBA, Finance, 1980
North Carolina State University, BS with Honors, Nuclear Engineering, 1970


Professional Engineer, State of Florida, #62685


Capital PC User Group, Washington, DC, President for 1983 (One of the first and largest PC user groups in the world)
Catawba Yacht Club, Lake Wylie, Charlotte, NC, Board Member and Officer 1998-2002, Commodore for 2003
IBM Project Management Certification Board, Atlanta, GA, Board Member 1999-2005
Inverness Golf and Country Club, Inverness, FL, Director 2007-2013, Treasurer for 2010-2013
The North America Nature Photographers Association (NANPA), Forum Moderator, 2012-2014
Florida Artists Gallery, Advosory Board, Business/Computer Executive Chairman, 2014
Jordan Enginering, Inc., Inverness, FL, President since 2005


Jordan Engineering, Inc., 2005 - Present
IBM Corporation, 1985 - 2005
Halliburton/NUS, 1972 - 1985
PC World Communications, Inc., 1983 - 1985
Bechtel Eastern Power Corporation, 1970 – 1972

Jordan Engineering, Inc. – As President and the Professional Engineer, Mr. Jordan provides structural engineering services throughout central Florida. He is also responsible for the development and use of software models that ensure buildings in his projects withstand hurricane forces from wind and water. Mr. Jordan works with clients and builders to ensure their construction plans for residential and commercial structures have sound structural engineering and meet the Florida Building Code requirements.

Jordan Engineering has successfully completed over 4,000 projects since its inception in 2005. That is quite a record in this age of law suits.

IBM Global Services - As an Executive Project Manager in IBM Global Services Institute (IBM's internal university for services personnel), Mr. Jordan was responsible for communications with 160,000 IBM employees including the creation of announcements, presentations and white papers to advertise Institute services. He also managed the IGSI worldwide intranet Web site.

As the Project Executive for Communications and PM Community, Worldwide Project Management Initiatives, Mr. Jordan was responsible for developing the communications and project management community initiatives to encourage and assist IBM Global Services employees to become certified project management professionals. He also managed the development and operation of an intranet web site used to support the project management initiatives worldwide to support 12,000 IBM project managers.

Mr. Jordan served on the IBM Project Management Certification Board for six years while working in the IBM project management profession. He helped select and certify hundreds of projects managers who would run complex computer system projects around the globe.

IBM Global Industries - As the Market Leader for Work and Asset Management in the Utilities & Energy Services Industry, Mr. Jordan was responsible for the development and roll out of a work and asset management software solution (WAMS) for electric and gas transmission and distribution worldwide. As the project manager for this solution, he managed a worldwide IBM team that determined the customer needs, performed market research, developed sales projections and performed a make vs. buy selection for the solution.

IBM Corporation - As the Market Leader for Work and Asset Management in the Utilities & Energy Services Industry, Mr. Jordan was responsible for the North-American market leadership in transmission, distribution work management applications and power generation maintenance management

As a Client Solutions Executive, Mr. Jordan was responsible for the sales of application and technology solutions for utility companies including customer service, work management and energy management systems.

As a Consultant in the Utilities Industry, Mr. Jordan was responsible for the Program Management of the Power Plant Project Group (PPPG) that included a consortium of four large American utility companies. He facilitated the development of a utility enterprise process/data model and developed a power plant configuration management architecture now used worldwide by utilities and industry groups.

As a Program Manager in the System Integration Division, Mr. Jordan was responsible for directing the development of industry computer solutions, including the identification of customer requirements and the development of business cases and solution implementation plans for industries, including legal, financial, point-of-sales and utilities.

Capital PC User Group, Inc. in Washington, DC - As a founding member, chairman of the Communications Special Interest Group and second President, Mr. Jordan helped drive the organization to become one of the largest and most influential PC user groups in the world. Peak membership was 6,000 and included such celebrities as newsman Brit Hume.

PC World - As a Contributing Editor, while working full time at Halliburton/NUS, Mr. Jordan wrote communications and networking articles for international publication in PC World magazine.

Halliburton/NUS - As Director of Computer Applications, Mr. Jordan was responsible for information technology consulting and the management of a department that developed software applications for utility companies.

As Manager of the Startup Services Department, he was responsible for recruiting and managing 70 nuclear and fossil power plant operations and maintenance engineers located at twelve domestic and three foreign plant sites.

As the Manager of Cost and Scheduling, Mr. Jordan was responsible for analyzing the costs and schedules of several multi-million dollar engineering, design and construction projects for utilities.

As a Project Engineer, Mr. Jordan was responsible for managing the engineering, design and construction liaison for wastewater systems installed in five fossil-fueled power plants in Illinois and Indiana.

As a Field Engineer at three nuclear power plant sites, Mr. Jordan was responsible for writing operations and maintenance procedures, supervising plant testing and training for utility personnel to prepare them for Nuclear Regulatory Commission certification as Reactor and Senior Reactor Operators.

Bechtel Eastern Power - As a System Design Engineer, Mr. Jordan was responsible for power plant design and computer simulation software development for two nuclear power plants.

During his career, Mr. Jordan has achieved expert proficiency in the following programming and develiopment systems to support his engineering projects:
- MathCAD
- C and C++ languages
- Basic and Visual Basic
- SQL and dBaseII

He has also achieved expert proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat.

Major Publications by Larry E. Jordan:

Jordan, Larry E.,  Wood Frame Shear Wall Design and Specification, 2014

Jordan, Larry E., Bird Photography and Creative Post Processing for Images of Distinction, Florida Artists Gallery, 2013

Jordan, Larry E., The North America Nature Photographers Association (NANPA), Equipment Calibration and Testing Forum Moderator Articles, 2012:
   When AF adjustment set point is high but OK
   Is it the lens or camera body that demands AF fine tuning?
   Testing a newly acquired lens with FoCal ver. 1.8.1
   AF fine tuning and micro adjustment with FoCal ver. 1.8.1
   Who is not a good candidate to do AF fine tuning?
   Tips for doing AF fine tuning with software
   FoCal and FocusTune autofocus tuning software systems
   Use live view to tell you if optical viewfinder autofocus is tuned properly
   How do you know if you need to do autofocus fine tuning?
   Who would want to do autofocus fine tuning (micro adjustment)?

Jordan, Larry E., High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography, Florida Artists Gallery, 2010

Jordan, Larry E., Footer Structural Model For Pre-Engineered Metal Building, Jordan Engineering, Inc., 2007

Jordan, Larry E., Monolithic Footer Structural Model For Concrete Masonry Unit Walls with Basement Option, Jordan Engineering, Inc., 2007

Jordan, Larry E., Monolithic Footer Structural Model For Frame Walls, Jordan Engineering, Inc., 2007

Jordan, Larry E., Coastal Structural Model, Elevated Structure: Wind and Flood Design Loading of Elevated Structure in A or Z Flood Zones, Jordan Engineering, Inc., 2006

Jordan, Larry, The Heritage of Covington County, Alabama, Vol. 20, 2003 (the following articles):
"The Paths of Our Ancestors"
"Southeastern Covington County"
"Cornelius “Neil” Jackson, Veteran of the Indian Wars of 1817 and Alabama Pioneer"
"The Covington County Connection to the Lost Colony"

Jordan, Larry, "Cornelius “Neil” Jackson, Veteran of the Indian Wars of 1817 " The Heritage of Robeson County, North Carolina, 2003

Jordan, Larry E., "Using DNA Results to Find Ancestors," Jordan Surname DNA Project Web Site, 2003

Jordan, Larry, R/C Sailboat Building & Testing at CYC, Catawba Yacht Club, 2000

Jordan, Larry, J/22 Bottom Repair, Catawba Yacht Club, 2000

Jordan, Larry, J/22 Running Rigging, Catawba Yacht Club (Lake Wylie, NC), 2000

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Jordan, Larry, "Document Control and Image Management for Nuclear Power Plants," IBM Corporation, 1991

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Jordan, Larry and Bruce Churchill, Communications and Networking for the IBM PC, 1st ed, Robert J. Brady Company, 1983.  The book was used as a text book in colleges and unviversities worldwide from 1983-1993. Over 150,000 copies sold worldwide, including the following editions:
2nd ed, Robert J. Brady Company, 1985
3rd ed, Prentice Hall Press, 1987
4th ed, Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1990
5th ed, Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1991
6th ed,  Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1994

Jordan, Larry, Remote Bulletin Board System RBBS-PC, ver CP9.0, Capital PC User Group, 1983

Jordan, Larry E., Galaxy Trek (simulation game software), Capital PC Users Group Software Exchange, 1983

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Jordan, Larry and Richard M. Bowers, "CYLDOSE: Nuclear Radiation Shielding Program for Cylindrical Sources," NUS Corporation, 1973