Family Tree Maker
QUESTION: How do I export a family or tree from Family Tree Maker to send to you or someone else as an e-mail attacment.
Answer: To export a group of individuals from Family Tree Maker to send to me, do the following:
1. Start Family Tree Maker
2. Open the family file you want to export from if it did not open automatically when you started FTM
3. Go to the individual that you want at the top of the tree of people you are going to export (Use the Index or FamilyPg icons to help you find the individual)
4. Using either the View command or the icons at the top of FTM, create either a Report, Ancestor tree, Descendant tree, or Outline Descendant tree containing the group of individuals that you want to export. DO NOT start with a genealogy report.
5. To export the group of individuals to a new file, from the File menu, select Copy/Export Individuals (ALT, F, E).
6. In the Copy/Export Individuals dialog box, click the Save as type drop-down list and then select a file format for your new file. Select Family Tree Maker file for Windows (*.FTW).
7. Type a name for your new file in the File name field. The file name can be any valid Windows file name, up to 255 characters, although it must have a three-letter extension corresponding to the file format you selected in step 6. If you do not type in a three-letter extension, Family Tree Maker will add it for you.
8. In the Save in lists, select the drive and folder where you want Family Tree Maker to create your new file. (Remember the file name and folder location for step 10)
9. Click Save when you've made your selections.
Family Tree Maker creates a new file containing a copy of the selected information. Your original Family File has not changed in any way.
10. Attach the exported file to the e-mail you send to me.
11. If the file is too large to send through e-mail, please create and send a CD containing the information.