Jordan Surname DNA Project


The database of RECENT ETHNIC ORIGINS (REO) was compared with the results from participant J4274 who matched with J4358 to determine the country of origin of the family. While the DNA for J4274 did not provide an exact match with a known country of origin, the results indicate a strong connection with Nordic (Scandanavian) countries, including Norway, Finland and Sweden. Specifically, the strong matches were in the HG2 Nordic Haplogroup, one of two Nordic Haplogroups. This indicates that the family of origin that immigated to America were probably of Viking descent or a male ancestor was of Viking blood. The data also indicates England or Scotland as possible, but less likely, countries of origin.

The REO data cannot be used to rule out potential countries of origin for the family. The data can tell you where ancestors were most likely to have originated. For example, J4274's DNA indicate a strong connection with the Nordic countries. The Nordic ancestor could have immigrated to England, Scotlant or Wales before ultimately immigrating to America. One event that could have resulted in this immigration or "passing on of the genes" was the Norwegian invasion of England in 1066. Click here for a description of that invasion and you can see the potential for this immigration or gene connection.

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