The Jordans of the Southeast:
A Brief History

The first Jordans to come to America were part of the Jamestown colony in 1610. Captain Samuel Jordan, a descendant of a wealthy Robert Jordaine family in Dorsetshire, England, built a plantation in Virginia on the James River.  The Jordan Point community is now in that same location.

There were also other Jordan families who came to Virginia in the early 1600s. One of those families were the descendants of Richard Jordan (b 1280) in England.

Many of the Jordans in the Southeast are descendants of these early pioneering family. They first migrated into northeastern North Carolina (the area that is now Bertie and surrounding counties) between 1650 and 1700, then started a migration south and west between 1700 and 1800. 

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By 1850, the descendants of the original Jordan families were spread all over the Southeast from NC to AL. My ancestor, William Enoch Jordan, Sr., is very likely a descendant of this family.