Jordans in Georgia in 1820
Lincoln County (1796)
Lincoln County, Georgia was created from an eastern portion of Wilkes County in 1796 by an act of the Georgia state legislature. Lincoln County was named for Benjamin Lincoln (1733-1810), a Revolutionary War hero. Lying on the South Carolina border, Lincoln County is surrounded by Columbia, Elbert, McDuffie and Wilkes Counties of Georgia, and Edgefield and McCormick Counties of South Carolina.

In the early days before the white man came, the area where Lincoln County, Georgia, is now was inhabited by the Cherokees and also the Creeks. The land was used as a hunting preserve. The tribes ceded the land in 1773 when Wilkes County was formed. Pioneers, having heard of the beauty of the place and its excellent resources, had begun to move into the territory as early as 1750. Conflicts between whites and Indians were reported. A massacre by Creeks at a fort put up by the David and William Sherrills took place in early 1774 in which several people were slain. A peace treaty was signed later that year.

It is impossible to understand Lincoln County history without knowing a bit about Wilkes County which was officially formed in February 5, 1777. This was the time of the Revolution. The people who had come to the area were in the thick of the turmoil. John Dooly, for whom Dooly County was named, and Elijah Clarke, for whom Clarke County was named, were leaders of the Revolutionary faction. As there were many Loyalists in the Georgia settlements, feelings ran high. A very important battle took place in 1779 in Wilkes County at Kettle Creek with General Andrew Pickens leading Clarke, Dooly and others in a surprise attack on the British. Besides overcoming the British, the Revolutionaries were able to take major stores and horses. Following the Revolutionary War, more land opened for settlement and pioneers poured in from Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Lincolnton is the county seat of Lincoln County. Lincoln County is bordered on two sides by water. The Savannah River flows along the border between Georgia and South Carolina and flows into the backwards L-shaped manmade Clark's Hill Lake, which provides the water supply to Augusta, Georgia. Little River flows from the base of the L and forms a border between Lincoln County and Columbia County.