Jordans in Georgia in 1820
Washington County (1784)
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John Jordan

JOHN JORDAN  (BURRELL (BURWELL), THOMAS, GEORGE, ARTHUR, ARTHUR, WILLIAM, JOHN, JOHN, JOHN, JOHN, WILLIAM, WILLIAM, PETER, JOHN, RICHARD) was born May 08, 1756 in Greenville County, VA, and died August 17, 1828 in Washington County, GA.  He married WINIFRED JORDAN February 19, 1786 in Northhampton County, NC, daughter of GEORGE JORDAN.

John Jordan was a Revolutionary War soldier who lived in Washington Co, GA when John Middleton lived there. He received land grants in 1827 in Lee and Troup Counties. They were recorded on 9/19/1829. John was from NC and was in Samuel Elbert's Regiment. He is buried at the old family burial ground at his home. He was likely a prominent member of Jordan's Church in Davisboro; the church is now extinct.

John Jordan and his descendants were founding residents in the town of Davisboro.

i.BRITTON (BRITAIN) JORDAN, b. June 18, 1787; d. October 30, 1826, Laurens Co??, GA.
ii.GREEN HILL JORDAN, b. April 26, 1789, NC or GA; d. 1855, Putnam or Baldwin Co??, GA; m. ELIZABETH SANFORD.
iii.PRISCILLA (PERSILLA) JORDAN, b. August 17, 1791; d. 1841; m. WILLIAM TENNILLE.
iv.PATIENCE JORDAN, b. September 22, 1793; m. ISOM SAFFOLD.
v.BURWELL JORDAN, b. September 30, 1795, Brunswick/Greenville Co, VA; d. Washington Co??., GA.
vi.JOHN JOSEPH JORDAN, b. April 16, 1800, NC; d. 1852, Washington Co., GA.
vii.MARY JORDAN, b. July 02, 1804; d. February 22, 1893; m. JOHN NEWTON.