Jordans in Georgia in 1820
Wilkinson County

Henry Jourdan
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HENRY JOURDAN was born 1760-1775 in Northeastern NC.

Henry Jourdan is in Wilkinson Co., GA in the 1820 census. He is 45+ and married to a woman of the same age. He has one son under 10 and two sons 10-15. He also has a man living with him who is 18-25. He has no daughters at home.

Henry lives near William Jourdan who is 26-45 (living alone). There is another William Jourdan 26-45, single in the county at the same time. There is also an Absolum Jourdan who is 26-45 with a wife about the same age, a son under 10 and a daughter 16-26. One of the Williams (the one who lives close to him) and Absolum could be Henry's sons.

The 18-25 man living with Henry is about the right age to be William Enoch Jordan b abt 1803 in NC. Seven years after this census, William Enoch Jordan was living in Wilkinson Co., GA when he won a lottery draw and bought Parcel 32, District 14 in Carroll Co., GA. William Enoch Jordan could not have been the son of Absolum Jourdan because his son would not have been old enough to win a lottery ticket in 1827 (over 18).

A Radford M. Jordan lived in Wilkinson Co., GA when his son Clark Middleton Jordan was born May 05, 1812. Radford and some relatives migrated to Covington Co., AL about 26 years before (before 1831) William Enoch Jordan migrated to the same area of AL on 1/14/1857. Radford and Henry may have been from the same area of NC. Radford was approximately the same age as Henry.

A Henry D. Jordan b 1770-1780 was living near Radford in Covington Co., AL in 1831; this could be the same Henry from Wilkinson Co., GA. Other Jourdans living there near him in Covington Co., AL were William, Henry (another Henry) and James (Early History of Covington County, Alabama 1821-1871 by Wyley Doanld Ward, page 55). These could all have been from Wilkinson Co., GA.

The Jordan Surname DNA Project has shown that descendants of Radford Jordan are not related to the descendants of William Enoch Jordan. Therefore, the Jordans just discussed were not related to William Enoch Jordan.

Henry Jordan

HENRY JORDAN, the son of Michael Jordan and Celey Phillips and the gandson of Burrell Jordan, was born August 11, 1783 in Greensville Co., Virginia, and died December 24, 1859 in Pleasant Hill, Sabine Parish, Louisiana.  He married SARAH SPANN CHILDERS 1810 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Although genealogy records show that Henry's children were born in Twiggs Co., this is probably the same Henry Jourdan discussed earlier. Their children are the right numbers and ages to be the same. His move to Louisiana are consistent with Jordan families who lived in Covington Co., AL in 1830-1840. This may have been one of the Jordan families that moved with the Duprees who were descendants of Mary Jordan (b 1755), the daughter of Burrell Jordan.

i.JOHN JORDAN, b. October 17, 1811, Twiggs County, Georgia; d. March 04, 1880, Pleasant Hill, Sabine Parish, Louisiana.
ii.WILLIAM HENRY JORDAN, b. March 09, 1814, Twiggs County, Georgia.
iii.ALBERT G. JORDAN, b. December 30, 1818, Twiggs County, Georgia.