Jordan Surname DNA Project News
September 2006  We Now Have 15 Family Groups
The number of family groups is growing. We add another family group when we find at least one existing member who matches the new test participant with equal to or less than 2 mismatches out of 25 markers tested.

January 2006  Number of project participants exceeds 100
Our numbers have grown to over 100 project participants

June 5. 2005  New Jordan Group Identified
We now have 92 project participants and have identified a new Jordan Group (no 12).

Nov 15, 2004  New Jordan Group Identified
We now have 72 results posted in the DNA Project and have identified a new Jordan Group (no 11).

Sept 25, 2003  Jordan Group JG5 has deep roots
The JG5 group has discovered through the DNA results that they are descendants of Aaron, Moses' brother, born approximately 3,300 years ago in Egypt!

Sept 2, 2003  We now have 52 project participants
The number of project participants grows every month. The average for the past year has been one new member per week.

June 13, 2003  We now have 9 Jordan Family Groups!
We now have 9 Jordan Family Groups with the addition of groups 8 and 9. We also have 46 Jordan males participating.

February 15, 2003  We now have 40 project participants and seven family groups!
We have 40 Jordan males participating in the project. So far we have identified seven Jordan Family Groups of related families.

November 16, 2002 New Family Group Identified
We now have a fourth Jordan Family Group This group are descendants of or related to Arthur Jordan, Sr b 1627 in England. We also now have 31 people in the testing project.

November 6, 2002  Now have 26 partcipants and three family groups
With 15 sets of results back, we now have three unique Jordan Family Groups with common ancestors in each group. We have 11 more sets of results in the pipeline.

October 27, 2002  Now have 22 in project
We now have 22 Jordan males participating in the project. We are averaging about one new participant per week.

October 19, 2002 Connections made between three families
We just received notice that we now have three matches between families who had no documenetd family connections. All three families have been researching their Jordan lines for over 15 years, but could not get past their brick walls. They can now pool research resources to work back a few more generations. See the results page for details.

October 2, 2002  Kits Keep Coming In
We now have eight sets of results back and posted. We have 14 additional kits in processing. Some of their results will be here soon. Some of their ancestors are posted on the results page so you can see what is coming for a given ancestor. We are receiving 2-3 kit orders per week. By the end of the year, we sould have a great baseline set of results to start making some good Jordan familiy connections for you.

September 18, 2002  Record Number of New Test Kits Ordered
We received three orders for DNA Test Kits today. This is a new single-day record! We now have 17 people participating in the testing. Click here to order your own Test Kit.

September 14, 2002  Website Named
This website was chosen by Bob Jordan and Norman Jordan for the posting of project results and Larry Jordan was selected as an additional adminstrator for the project. Larry is the webmaster for this website.

September 11, 2002   Test Participants
There are now 14 Jordan males participating in the DNA testing, including one from England.

September 5, 2002   William Enoch Jordan line
With just four sets of results completed for this project, Family Tree DNA has found a match between two sets of results: J4274 and J4358. A descendant of George Jordan, Jr (b abt 1784 in VA) has an 11/12 match with a descendant of William Enoch Jordan b 1803 NC. Both of the matched individuals have agreed to do the 25 marker test to confirm the match. The results will be available in approximately seven weeks. Now the search will be for a match with a documented descendant of an earlier Jordan male ancestor.

The database of RECENT ETHNIC ORIGINS (REO) were matched with the DNA of the matched individuals to determine the country of origin of the family. Click here to see a summary of the results and the Nordic ancestry references.

August 30, 2002  Jordan Surname Project
The Jordan Surname Project has 11 test kits in processing from across America.

July 18, 2002  Jordan Surname Project
Bob Jordan and Norman Jordan initiatied the Jordan Surname Project with Family Tree DNA in Houston, TX.