Southeastern Alabama

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William Enoch Jordan Migration from NC to Covington County, AL
This story of William Enoch Jordan, Sr. who migrated from North Carolina to Heard County, GA and finally to Covington County, AL.

Southeastern Covington County, AL
Southeastern Covington County and the families who migrated to that area in 1850-1860 including Enoch Jordan.

Log Cabins, Southeastern Covington County, AL
These log cabins were built in southeastern Covington County, AL by William Enoch Jordan and his neighbors around 1855..

Routes Jordans took from NC to AL
This is an article about the roads and paths the Jordan family and other traveled to get to South Alabama from NC and Georgia in period1820-1830.

Migration of Jordans from NC to AL
This series of state/county maps shows the migration path taken by several related Jordan familes, including William Enoch Jordan.

Clear Creek (New Hope) Area - Current Map
Clear Creek (New Hope) Area - 1850s Map
This shows the area near Clear Creek in which William Enoch Jordan and his descendants settled in Covington County, AL.

New Hope Missionary Church Cemetery
This shows the grave sites where some of William Enoch Jordan's descendants are buried. All of the Jordans shown are his descendants.