Jordan Web Sites

You will find a lot JORDAN family information on the sites listed below.

This page was last updated on: November 10, 2008
If you want to see everything I have in my family tree database, go to my website at:

and click on the following link:

JORDAN and relatives from England to Alabama

Then follow these steps:
1. Wait for the database to load through your Internet connection (it may take a while).
2. Put you cursor on the tree and press the letter f on your keyboard.
3. You will get a full list of the people in my database.
4. Select a name to see the information for that person.
5. Click on the Appy button then on OK to see that person's tree.
6. Click on the box for the person to see that person's data.
7. You will see all of the facts for the person; you will not see all of my notes.

Let me know how it works.

If you ever decide to search for Jordans in,  here is a listing of all cemetaries know to exist in Butler, Coffee, Conecuh, Covington, Crenshaw and Escambia Counties giving their lattitude and longitude.

The following website has cemetary listings by county where the names have been collected in a limited number of cemetaries.

The following sites contain good JORDAN family data: 
Richard Jordan I, Jordans from 1280 England
Jordans from Edgecomb Co, NC to GA 
Superb site for Jordans with ancestors who lived in Georgia
18,000 Jordans in database
Jordans from SC to AL and TX
Allan Wilson Reko family tree with Jordans

Click here for Catawba Yacht Club website managed by Larry Jordan